Congressional Advocacy Day

June 27, 2022

On the day prior to the IRF Summit, we will convene a special day dedicated to advocacy and activism on Capitol Hill.  We request all convening organizations to schedule appointments on Capitol Hill during Advocacy Day, either virtually or in person, around issues affecting their respective causes.  Each convening organization is encouraged to organize their own appointments and meetings and to set whatever agenda for those meetings they feel appropriate relating to their own community.  Separate from that agenda, we request each convening organization to share the following points affecting the broader international religious freedom community.

  1. Mentioning the IRF Summit event and its objectives; 
  2. Encouraging the re-authorization of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom; 
  3. Encouraging members of Congress and staff to attend the “In Solidarity with the Persecuted” side event on June 27 (Rayburn Gold Room, 4 pm); 
  4. Encouraging members of Congress to join the International Religious Freedom Caucus and designating a Congressional staff person to attend virtual meetings of the IRF Roundtable on a moving forward basis.

We encourage all in-person meetings with Congressional offices to be held on June 27.

“In Solidarity with the Persecuted

Side Event

June 27, 2022 / Rayburn Gold Room / 4 pm

(limited seating capacity)

To mark the IRF Summit—and as a culmination to Congressional Advocacy Day—we will once again hold a short program on Capitol Hill that will feature 2-3-minute testimonials of international religious freedom community leaders representing persecuted faith communities speaking on behalf of each other.  This year’s theme will focus on the prevention of genocide. The objective will be to speak about another community to show solidarity and compassion with that community’s plight.  By the end of the testimonials, we hope to draw out a unifying theme that will be both unique and powerful: the persecuted stand with the persecuted on Capitol Hill, united in their strong belief in international religious freedom for all and the prevention of genocide. When anyone persecuted community suffers, we all suffer.  The side event will feature remarks and observations by Co-Chairs Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett and Sam Brownback.

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