Convening of a Coalition for International Religious Freedom

The issue of international religious freedom touches every culture, nation, religion, and political system. At present, almost 80 percent of the world’s inhabitants live in countries where there are high levels of governmental or societal restrictions on religion, and restrictions have been steadily increasing for several years. The implications of this reality touches every area of life.

The IRF Summit 2022 will bring together a broad coalition that passionately supports religious freedom around the globe for a three-day-in-person event in Washington D.C., June 28th – June 30th, with an opportunity for virtual participation.

Together we will raise the profile of international religious freedom on a wide variety of issues using an array of mechanisms best suited for each circumstance. The Summit will connect resources and advocates interested in religious freedom and highlight the personal testimonies of survivors of religious persecution and restrictions on religious freedom.

Bringing attention to the plight of religious adherents who are persecuted, individually and collectively, will grow the grassroots and global movement for religious freedom. Breakout sessions hosted by the convening partners will go deep on important IRF topics.

Together we will gain political support for the global religious freedom movement and embolden civil society, people of faith, and governments to take a stand for religious freedom.

Summit Co-Chairs

Sam Brownback 

Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, 2018-2021

Co-Chair of IRF Summit 2021 Steering Committee

Katrina Lantos Swett

President of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights

Co-Chair of IRF Summit 2021 Steering Committee

Honorary Senate Co-Chairs

Marco Rubio 

Senior United States Senator from Florida (R)

Ben Cardin

Senior United States Senator from Maryland (D)

Honorary House Co-Chairs

James Raskin 

U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District (D)

French Hill

U.S. Representative for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District (R)

Leaders of The Global Campaigns

Co-Chair Hulda Fahmi

Co-Chair Christine Titus

Co-Chair Cheick Mkhaitir

Global Campaign for the IRF Charter

Co-Chair Rachel Miner

Co-Chair Emmanuel Ihim

Ending Anti-Semitism

Co-Founder Rabbi Yaakov Menken

  Ending Genocide

Co-Founder Edward Clancy

Co-Founder Ewelina Ochab

China’s Firewall

Co-Founder Sean Lin

Women in IRF

Co-Founder Anila Ali

Co-Founder Shirin Taber

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