Convening of a Coalition for International Religious Freedom

The issue of international religious freedom touches every culture, nation, religion, and political system. At present, almost 80 percent of the world’s inhabitants live in countries where there are high levels of governmental or societal restrictions on religion, and restrictions have been steadily increasing for several years. The implications of this reality touches every area of life.

The IRF Summit brings together a broad coalition of partners that passionately supports religious freedom around the globe for an annual two-day in-person event in Washington, D.C. These 90+ organizations represent over 30 distinct faith traditions and are the core of the civil society movement to advance international religious freedom around the globe.

Over the past three years, our Summit partners have built a diverse coalition that is working to advance freedom of religion, conscience, and belief around the world. But even as the movement for international religious freedom grows, we are witnessing increased levels of religious restriction and persecution around the world. Raising our voices in solidarity with those who suffer due to their beliefs is more important than ever.

Together we will gain political support for the global religious freedom movement and embolden civil society, people of faith, and governments to take a stand for religious freedom.

Summit Co-Chairs

Sam Brownback 

Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, 2018-2021

Co-Chair of the IRF Summit

Katrina Lantos Swett

President of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights

Co-Chair of the IRF Summit

James Lankford (OK)

Member, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Honorary Senate Co-Chair of the IRF Summit 2024 

Jeanne Shaheen (NH)

Member, Foreign Relations CommitteeMember, Foreign Relations Committee

Honorary Senate Co-Chair of the IRF Summit 2024 

Young Kim (CA-40)

Member, House Foreign Affairs Committee

Honorary Congressional Co-Chair of the IRF Summit 2024 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-25)

Member, House Committee on Appropriations

Honorary Congressional Co-Chair of the IRF Summit 2024


Peter Burns

Executive Director, IRF Summit

Manus Churchill

Deputy Director, IRF Summit

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